Watches Galore

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I love to talk design, I love to look at design and I love looking for the small things that make design work.  Am I a designer?  No.


Design is, like everything else, subjective, as I’ve said before.  But I have a huge fascination with watches, their history, uses, purposes and design.


Does it look good?

Does it work good?

Does it’s design serve a purpose?


Just some of the criteria I think about when I look at them.  But here’s the big one:

Does the price reflect all of the above criteria?


Chances are it doesn’t.  Chances are the price you pay is for the name alone, not in all cases of course, but a lot of the time it seems.


I am a huge Fossil fanatic, I own a great many of them and will most likely buy many more of them.  their designs change very, very frequently and with all their designs I am really surprised that they never lose momentum and slow to a crawl running out of design ideas.  How do they do it??


I do however like a lot of other watch brands so don’t get me wrong, but vintage is my style….for now.



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When it comes to style and design for home or work, there’s one magazine that stands out for me called Azure. If you are looking for new ideas or new designs or new furniture, look no further than this magazine. Sometimes however if you are looking for it in a bookstore it’s not easy to find because it seems to be carried only in areas where style and design actually mean something to t people.

I’m currently looking for a new computer chair, basucally cause I don’t have one, that has a modern style with comfort on a budget, and believe me, it’s not an easy thing to find. But looking through Azure I am getting ideas on what it is I actually like and what I’m looking for, I can then cross-reference Amazon and try to find a style of chair that I want.

Azure is cool and even the ads, that I usually hate when flipping through magazines, have been chosen based on style and design that fits the modernity of the magazine. So here’s a few links that I thought were cool while looking through the latest issue: modern furniture with a sometimes old-school twist. couches for waiting areas. retro chair table. vinyl computer skins for tablets, phones and computers, mostly Apple products but these skins also incorporate a wallpaper that continues the flow and design of the skin.


It’s inherent I tell ya!

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There is something inherently cool about the masculinity and premise of the movie Drive and the poster design which incorporates a pink title and somewhat feminine font which could also pass as masculine, but when I first saw the poster I thought, hey that’s sweet. It struck me at one moment and I assume that was the intention of the graphic artist. Regardless of the intent, especially if I’m way off, it works for me.

However, even though I’ve only seen the trailer for the movie, the poster and font and color and everything overall seems to really work and that is something I hope to someday achieve with projects that I work on, a complete ecosystem of design and flow.

By the way I love the word ‘inherent’ so get used to seeing it until I get sick of it!

Exhaust symmetry?

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There’s a lot of thought that goes into the design and symmetry of vehicles, of course, but one of the best examples I have seen on the road lately with domestic vehicles is the new Ford Explorer and it’s dual exhaust pipes.

There are a a lot of times where I have really been disgusted at the appearance and styling of exhaust pipes, especially when companies like Cadillac throw in dual exhausts with an awful finish, where the pipes just sort of sit in a plastic opening with a very unfinished feel. What were they thinking?  Does it only look good from far away?  Because up close it looks like total crap.

This isn’t the case however with the Explorer.  I  love driving behind these on the road.  There is a beautiful symmetry that has been achieved with their dual exhaust pipes.  You can actually see both pipes leading to the front from both sides of the rear then converging towards the differential, but it doesn’t stop there.  This is where other car companies would take the opportunity to save money by having the two pipes lead into one using less metal and probably making production easier, ut not Ford!

It’s just one of those features that I look for in a car that is both little and big at the same time.  It’s little because most people might not notice it, but it’s big because if you do notice it then you’ll probably love it like I do!  If not then you will probably not get the vehicle anyways.

Anyways, if you stand at the rear of the vehicle and look at the pipes, you will see a beautiful balance from both sides.  The pipes are even, they flow nicely at an angle towards the diff and even the exhaust tips look pretty good.  It’s symmetry!

You have to be able to look at a vehicle from every angle, especially the basics like front, rear and sides straight on, and feel that everything just sort of, flows.  The lines of the vehicle should converge at an appealing point or continue on at a subtle pace.

Take it or leave it but I like it and Ford has made big leaps in design since their somewhat overhaul during the automotive crisis and this is why they stay ahead.

And did I mention how the Explorer has taken on a very European, Range Rover design?  Considering the companies used to be one in the same I’m not surprised, but Ford is realizing that Euro designs are probably gonna stay for the long run, and if not it’s a good place to be right now as long as you can see when designs start to shift and act quickly.

I would however love to see Ford take the position like Apple does, and sort of create the future of automotive design by telling consumers what they will like instead of the other way around.  Is that how Europoean car makes stay ahead?  I don’t know, but what I do know is even the European car makes are not excluded from the automotive decline.

Well that was a bit off track.

Pagani’s awful stereo.

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Looking back at the progression of design with Pagani and their original Zonda roadster, I’ve realized a couple design issues with the interior, especially with the tech, mainly the stereo.

Sure, you can argue that having a car like that shouldn’t even require a stereo, but someone at Pagani felt the need to put one in, maybe just for basic convenience, but it’s the word ‘basic’ that describes the styling and mismatch of the stereo.

The interior of Pagani cars is extravagant with beautiful, unique features like giant, polished toggle switches on the dash and beautiful buttons for certain controls.  There’s carbon fibre and leather all over the original 1999 Zonda with beautiful little accents of leather and buckling on the glovebox area.  A beautiful mix of colored suede and perforated leather engulfs the interior, but one thing to me sticks out like a big sore thumb…that damn stereo!

Examine the picture and you will see that this beautiful interior is almost ruined with a random, crappy looking generic stereo with a removable face…you know, the kind you can pick up at any Best Buy or Radio Shak or Crutchfield that is so disgustingly generic.  I’ve had several of these over the years and I have always hated them, they even look like junk in an old Mazda!!

It’s the attention to detail that I really analyze.  When designing an interior of a car, all the styling needs to be though out, down to the specific screws that hold even the cheapest of plastic together.  It doesn’t matter what the value of the car is, detail is everything, and there is definitely no excuse with a car in this price range that basically spares no expense!! Except on the stereo.

Pagani however has made some great changes over the year from the exterior to the interior and everything in between, but there has been a few models where these details have suffered.

It’s not just the stereo either, it’s the entire center dash console, but the stereo is what really pushes me over the edge.  It’s just my opinion, but you be the judge.

Does classy mean good?

September 6, 2011 - One Response

The theory behind this blog is melding of tech, design and style with automotive excellence. You can buy a Ferrari or Bugatti any day but does everything flow together?

Does the radio work and match with style and design?

Is the sat nav useless? How are the graphics on the display, topnotch just like the car?

It’s these issues I will delve into and find an answer.